This past September, I made the decision to declare my candidacy for County Board District 5. After years of public advocacy on various issues, I decided it was time for me to step up to the challenge and serve our community as an elected official. I commit to serve in this capacity with the passion I have brought to every public action I have been involved in.  I am known to be a pragmatic and disciplined problem solver. I will bring those same skills to the County Board.

I have numerous concerns about the financial decisions made by the County Board and how those decisions impact people. I am concerned that the Health Department runs out of vaccines and TB tests several times a year. I am concerned that the Sheriff’s Office has become overly dependent on a federal ICE contract to fund their operations. I am concerned that, at a time when opioid deaths are expected to increase, the Mental Health Board has reduced their funding by $500,000. It is the responsibility of the County Board to oversee these departments and ensure they have the funds needed to fulfill their missions.

While the election is almost a year away, now is the time for to build support for my campaign. I would greatly appreciate your financial support, so that my campaign can begin spreading our message across District 5.  Any amount contributed would be helpful, but consider the following:

$50 will purchase a campaign banner (you know, for parades).

$100 will purchase 50 yard signs.

$300 will purchase 500 walk pieces.

$500 will purchase 25 4×4 roadside signs.

$1,000 will allow us to provide a targeted mailing to potential supporters of our message.

Thank you again for your support.